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You've seen the documentaries on Discovery Channel and the History Channel. A treasure-laden Spanish Galleon is sunk by a hurricane on the reef's of the Florida Keys in the 1600's.

A Paddle Wheel Steamer, loaded with freshly minted gold coins from the California gold rush, sank off the southeastern coast of the USA. German ships and submarines loaded with gold and stolen art sank during World War II, and gold, stolen by the Japanese, hidden in caves in the Philippines.

Treasures that are worth hundreds of millions, even billions, in today's dollars. These very real treasures are being found by a very small handful of modern day treasure hunters, using salvage vessels equipped with state-of-the-art technology that, until recently, was just a dream.

For a hundred years, finding these lost treasures was just wishful thinking. But today it is reality, and BIG BUSINESS.

Capt. Glenn Jackson is one of a very, very small handful of these modern day treasure salvors. He doesn't just hunt for lost treasure. He finds it. Treasure hunting is not just a dream for him. It is his business. A very BIG BUSINESS.

Glenn Jackson
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General Business Plan for Gulf Atlantic Salvage Company

PHASE 1: Consists of research and search by Capt. Glenn Jackson. This phase started in the mid 1990ís and will continue on for perpetuity. Capt. Glenn financed this phase himself. During this phase, Capt. Glenn made thousands of drops into the ocean and traveled over 43,000 miles on his boat, looking for the remains of sunken ships on the ocean floor. This search has been going on for over 11 years and continues.

PHASE 2: Consists of finding and acquiring vessels that can be converted into treasure salvaging vessels. The average expense to accomplish this goal is around one million dollars per vessel. Along with the purchase of the vessel comes the expense of hiring the crew and equipping the vessel with the latest electronics and equipment.

PHASE 3: Consists of salvaging the sunken treasure ships and the glorious day when the division of profits occurs.


Operations for Gulf Atlantic started in 1997. Capt Glenn formed a company in the year 2000 and called it Gulf Atlantic Salvage Company. Then in 2004, Capt Glenn incorporated Gulf Atlantic into an LLC corporation. A couple of companies were spin offs of Gulf Atlantic, one of which, is Blue Water Ventures of Key West.

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